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Our services are adapted to address the unique challenges of each business we work with. The InnoveLab team works with you to meet your needs and achieve your business objectives.



Idea Labs

Idea Labs
Services en entreprise et formations InnoveLab ananas jaunes sur fond rose

Creating the perfect environment to kick-start your team’s creativity and propel you towards viable solutions beyond your wildest imagination!

Strategic Retreats

Strategic Retreats
formations et Service en entreprise InnoveLab chalet et lac retraites stratégiques

A human-centered approach to strategic retreats that will help you develop your next strategic initiative, solidify your business vision and stand out in your field.

Zen Walk™

Service en entreprise et formations InnoveLab Marche zen feuilles et nature

Change your environment, change your thoughts. A guided, meditative walk to help shift your team’s mindset and bring you fresh perspective.

ETA game

Jeu cartes ETA sur la pleine conscience au travail InnoveLab

A 52-card deck to support and enhance mindfulness, creativity, health and collaboration in the workplace.

* Our business services can be delivered in-person at your office or check out our online course offerings today *