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Innovelab ETA Card Game mindfulness at work

ETA Game



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A new game that could transform the workplace as we know it



“ETA,” a creation by INNOVELAB designed to achieve mindfulness at work.

More than ever, our working environments require us to always be at maximum performance and force us to stay connected. The possibility of disconnecting, even if only for a few minutes, becomes increasingly challenging. It is becoming imperative to find new ways to change our mindset, manage stress and find creative solutions to rebalance our quality of life at work. Today’s challenge is to reflect on a transformation of the inner workings of corporate culture that will enable employees to be more fulfilled and motivated at work. This is the very concept of mindfulness: to activate one’s full potential through mindfulness.


Create a healthy and fun work atmosphere

Local start-up, InnoveLab has created a card game that could reverse the trend. ETA is a 52-card game that will allow you to collectively move towards mindfulness at work. The principle is simple and effective: once a week, employees are asked to draw a card and set it on their desk. They must then put the requested action into practice throughout the week. The name ETA is based on the acronym for “Estimated Time of Arrival” for the concept of a collective “journey”. It is also a play on word referring to the French word “état”, meaning a “state” of mind to be reached.


The game can become a vital tool for all employers or human resources managers who are committed to the well-being of their human capital. Divided into five categories (head, body, heart, alter ego and environment), the cards require the players, for example, to use visualization, or to engage in a few minutes of introspection, or even to bring a little more life to their work environment.


Jeu cartes ETA sur la pleine conscience au travail InnoveLab
Jeu cartes ETA sur la pleine conscience au travail InnoveLab
Jeu cartes ETA sur la pleine conscience au travail InnoveLab

You have until November 24, 2019 

to get your ETA games and to give them to your teams in time for Christmas! 🤩🎀


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Clients stories

“ I love ETA and would highly recommend it. Our whole team loves it and finds it useful and relevant. ”

quartier de l'innovation montréal logo couleur client innovelab
Martine Rochon

Director of Business Development and Marketing, Quartier de l'nnovation

“ This game strengthens team culture and cohesion. ”

fondation montréal inc. logo couleur client innovelab
Valérie Danger

Director of Communications, Montreal Inc.

“ Brilliant idea. ETA game couldn’t have come at a better time as our society and our companies need to help people become more mindfulness at work and at home. ”

cirque du soleil logo couleur témoignage client innovelab
Sophie Boyer

Cirque du Soleil

“ The biggest impact of ETA has been that it has brought me back to basics and given me goals at work beyond the performance of my organization. ”

CCSMCQ logo couleur client innovelab
Philippe Trudel

Acting Director, Health Communication Center of Mauricie and Central Quebec

“ What has stood out for me about this game is how it has fostered a more positive and fun atmosphere in our workplace. ETA has brought our team closer together and helped us share more as a group. ”

postes canada logo couleur client innovelab
Kristine Gauvin

Canada Post



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